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BOC Sourcing

Bamboo Organic Clothing is a highly renowned company located in Tirupur (The knitwear Centre of India)Engaged in Sourcing, Manufacturing , Merchandising, Factory evaluation, Quality Management, Inspection Services and Shipping documentation. We act as a bridge between buyers and manufacturers to make import and export activities on quality textiles on time, with an exhaustive range of products of reasonable pricing both for the Export & Domestic market.

Factory Certification

We have Sourcing several production units which have the following certification….

  • ISO 9001
  • Oeko Tex Certification
  • WRAP Certification
  • R&D and Organic Certification (OEE & GOTS certified from Control Union) & Walt Disney approved certification

The dyeing process incorporates eco-friendly principles, products are Azo Free and have not come into contact with any heavy metal dyes. , as well as utilizing eco friendly inks in our printing. We take pride in safe and eco conscious manufacturing.

They are free of child labor, exploitation, genetic engineering and environmental pollution. The production is carried out in India.

Our garments are ethically made in fair and safe work environments.

All our products are tested for banned chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Pesticides, Nickel , Heavy metals and Dyes are environmentally friendly without heavy metals and prints are Azo free.

Our products are detailed in Organic cotton, Viscose from Bamboo /BCI cotton / elastane, Pima cotton, Viscose, Modal, Tencel, Recycle polyester etc..


Bamboo Organic Clothing offers a comprehensive range of fabric for Sportswear, contemporary, loungewear, yoga, maternity, active wear, eco-friendly performance fabrics. Our supplier partner factory Research and Development department can develop any fiber/fabric in Bamboo / Merino Wool, Silk etc.. Our list of products is constantly evolving with the needs of the market. We offer exciting new blends with modal, silks, cashmere, and many more.

Supplier Identification :

Bamboo Organic Clothing can identify new suppliers based on their Product range, Financial status, Infrastructure, Man power, In house Quality management system, Factory audit/ Social Compliance audit . We continuously update our information on new manufacturers and new products. Information pertaining to new varieties of value additions, fabric, accessories, new technology all related areas.

Bamboo with UPF 50+

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo. It is naturally porous and highly water absorbent, able to take up to three times its weight in water. In bamboo fabric, this translates to an excellent wicking ability that absorbs moisture and pulls it away from the skin, keeping you cooler and drier than synthetics or cotton.

The soft , smooth texture , and superior durability of the bamboo is similar to silk, but more practical, because it is washable. Because it is naturally antimicrobial, bamboo retains its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial nature even after processing into fabric and numerous washes. The plant itself is very quick growing and does not usually require the use of pesticides and herbicides to thrive. As a result , plantations can easily be kept organic and replanted yearly to replenish stocks. The versatility of bamboo fabric makes it an excellent choice for clothing designers exploring alternative textiles.

The type of bamboo used to make bamboo fabric is the fast-growing bamboo – Moso , which can reach a mature height of 75 feet in just 45 to 60 days. This is NOT the bamboo that pandas eat! Bamboo absorbs more greenhouse gasses, releases more oxygen, doesn’t need replanting, or fertilisers and its roots are very good at stabilising erosion-prone soil.

When a bamboo baby garment finishes it’s useful life, it can be returned to the earth, as it is 100% biodegradable. As a natural cellulose fibre, bamboo fabric can be 100% biodegraded in soil by microorganisms and sunlight. The decomposition process does not pollute the environment.

We believe firmly that the best way to have an impact on the environment is to have as little impact as possible..

We offer a range of our basic ready-made Knitted and Woven garments, in your private label.

Choose from ready-stock products in various stylish day-to-day designs and create your own personal sustainable collection with your own brand label

If you are a retailer, and/or have your own clothing line and need a reliable manufacturer to work with and according to your specifications for a small or large scale orders, please contact us. bambooclothingindia@gmail.com

Our commitment is to provide nothing but the best personalized service and deliver the best and finest clothing to your business.

Appreciate your time and attention to these materials. I certainly look forward to exploring this further..