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Yoga Pants

The secret to the popularity of yoga pants is really no secret at all. These best-sellers are incredibly comfortable, and they look good.

Yoga pants, like their close cousin the workout legging, are almost always form-fitting (at least above the knee).

The essence of athleisure is a balance between comfort and performance. As the name might imply, these styles combine qualities of athletic apparel and leisurewear.

In fairness, sustainability has been an issue for fashion in all circles for quite some time. Even traditional cotton presents serious environmental issues in terms of water consumption, soil erosion, pollution, and more.

Synthetic fabrics, the most common material for athleisure apparel, have a whole slew of sustainability concerns on their own. Amongst waste and production pollutants,microplastics stand out as the most significant.

The story of yoga pants is sometimes muddied by the style’s similarity to leggings. In truth, they aren’t too far apart in some instances.

However, there are critical differences to identify that can make a big difference:

The most often cited difference between yoga pants and leggings is the material used. Traditionally, yoga pants have always used activewear performance materials, while many leggings use mostly cotton or similar materials that aren’t performance-oriented.

Our yoga pants and leggings all use materials with exceptional performance qualities.

It comes as no surprise that yoga pants are made for yoga. That purpose extends not only through the practical elements built into the design of these pants but also the social expectations for wearing them.

It is becoming more and more acceptable in modern times to wear yoga pants outside of the studio in everyday situations, but leggings still hold the crown when it comes to situational versatility. Some workplaces even allow leggings as work attire on Fridays!

Finally, we find the most outwardly apparent difference in style. Leggings are always fitted from top to bottom, while yoga pants can vary in construction. The most common yoga pants look is a high-rise band, fitted above the knee but flared at the ankles.

Some yoga pants are fitted all the way through the leg, but some argue this excludes them from being a true yoga pant — merely leggings in disguise.

Anyone who knows yoga knows that you’re going to need flexibility. Of course, much of the practice is about improving your flexibility over time. Still, you won’t be able to achieve any amount of flexibility with a rigid fabric that limits your range of movement.

This is where stretch fabric capabilities come into play. Always look for flexible construction in your yoga pants, but be sure that this quality isn’t coming at the expense of the environment, as it may with most polyester clothes.

Breathing is a core concept in yoga, so your clothes might as well get in on the action too! With a breathable fabric, air can flow through your clothes while the heat from your body flows out. This is vital to your body’s thermoregulatory processes.

Thermoregulation is how your body keeps itself at a balanced temperature. The beauty of yoga is in the balance it brings. Enhancing that balance through your attire can only heighten the effects of any session.

It would be understandable to worry that breathability is mutually exclusive to warmth. Have no fear: Breathable fabrics aren’t necessarily going to leave you cold.

A fabric with a soft, buttery touch is just the start. Details such as seam placement or the cut of your clothes can make a big difference in how you feel, especially as different poses place pressure on different areas of your body.

Yoga pants, be they capris or wide legs, should be as comfortable as a second skin so that nothing gets in the way of you, your yoga mat, and your practice.

With moisture-wicking fabric, sweat is drawn from your body and released to evaporate into the air.

There’s no doubt that yoga pants make a great addition to your wardrobe, but you may be wondering what kind of outfits go well with them.

Sports Bras

Sports bras , With the right material and fit, a sports bra provides an ultimate range of movement and maximum comfort with minimal coverage.

A sports bra is an excellent option for outdoor yoga, especially whether you’re looking to soak up a little sun or just to feel the air on your skin.


Rivaling sports bras for the crown of yoga tops is the tank. Tanks are exceptionally versatile, as they’re acceptable in a wider range of social situations and can often work well in spring or fall when a sports bra might not be a good match for cold weather.


T-shirts are arguably the most versatile top, easy to insert into just about any outfit across a range of occasions. T-shirts are popular in yoga, too. Something about the perfect simplicity synergizes so well with the practice.


Layering options can be invaluable to your yoga wardrobe.