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UV-Protection by Bamboo Organic clothing

The best way to protect yourself from UV-damage outdoors is to cover up accordingly. Every piece of Bamboo Organic Clothing will protect you from acute ultraviolet (UV-) radiation. The degree of protection provided by clothing primarily depends on the fabric type and density. The rule of thumb is the denser woven, the better protected.

The level of protection provided by UV protective clothing is given by the so-called Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). The UPF, like the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of a sunscreen, indicates the factor by which a person wearing sun protective textiles or UV protective clothing can extend their time spent in the sun without getting sunburnt. When buying such textiles the consumer should mind not only the UPF but most notably the Standard referred to.

There are basically three Standards addressing the UV protective properties of textiles:

  • the Australian-New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 4399:1996),
  • the European Standard (EN 13758-1), and the
  • UV- Standard 801
Who should wear UV-protective clothing?

Bamboo Organic clothing is particularly designed for individuals spending many hours in the sun – such as athletes, gardeners, builders or pool attendants. It is, however, also suitable for individuals with very sensitive skin, i.e. very pale, red-haired types and above all children because their skin is still very thin and susceptible to sunburn. Bamboo Organic clothing usually is light, oxygen permeable and extremely fast-drying so that it doesn’t even interfere with bathing.