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Q.What does BOC sell?

A. We have something for everybody! Our eco-friendly range features products made from bamboo, which include  t-shirts, dresses, trousers, leggings, customised clothing and more.

If there’s something else you’d like us to make, send us your wish list.


Q.Do BOC items really contain bamboo fibres?

A. Yes! We are the home of all things bamboo! All of our items contain natural bamboo fibres in varying consistencies.

Q.Where are BOC clothes made?

A. Our fiber is originally from China and all our clothes are made locally in the INDIA.


Bamboo fabric has many beneficial properties that make it ideal for baby’s , Kids wear, Active wear, yoga wear, fitness wear , golf wear, running wear clothes:

  • The fabric is luxuriously soft, it has been described as a cross between bamboo with Organic cotton
  • The fabric is breathable and thermal regulating, created from the cross sections of fibres.
  • It wicks away and absorbs moisture (absorbs up to 4 times as much moisture as cotton). Keeping baby fresh and dry.
  • The fabric is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin. The fibres have smooth and round end which reduces irritation, making it especially suitable for  babies.
  • Bamboo is a sustainable resource.

Is Bamboo antibacterial?

If you think about the bamboo plant, no bugs or insects attack it, therefore it grows without the need for chemical sprays or pesticides, this amazing antibacterial, antifungal agent is referred to as “bamboo kun”. There is currently a debate as to if this property remains in the fabric. Because bamboo is a relatively new fabric further analyses and scientific evidence needs to be produced to conclude this debate.  

Is Bamboo eco-friendly?

We believe bamboo is eco-friendly for the following reasons:

  • Bamboo grows organically, i.e. it grows naturally without the use of pesticides and chemicals.
  • It is a sustainable resource. It is one of the fastest growing plants (it grows between 30cm – 1m a day). It can be harvested every 3-4 years It is regenerative and does therefore not require replanting.
  • Bamboo produces about 30% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, and absorbs about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide (a primary greenhouse gas).
  • It has an extensive root system which helps prevent soil erosion.

Why mix with organic cotton?

All our garments contain 30% to 45 %  organic cotton. By adding organic cotton to bamboo the resulting garments:

  • Are more durable
  • Only minimal shrinkage occurs
  • Are gentle machine washable
  • Holds their shape better
  • The fabric still maintains all the benefits of bamboo 

Our organic cotton has been independently certified organic by Control Union.

UPF 50+  FAQ

How do I know the fabric is rated UPF50+?

All over fabrics are independently tested by Accredited International Lab..

Why not Cotton?

To get the same UV Protection (UPF 50+ ) from a cotton fabric the cotton density ( Weight) needs to very heavy and /  or chemicals added to the finished garment ( this can cause skin irritation )..

This in turn compromises the strength of the natural fibre and airflow.. In hot and humid conditions, the cotton garment becomes clammy, heavier , and welter and ultimately more uncomfortable..

Because Cotton is a natural substance, the fibres tend to breakdown quicker with each wash therefore reducing the UV Protection. Most lightweight Cotton garments have an approx UV rating of only 5- this means that the UV rays can easily penetrate the garment and cause Sunburn to the weaver and reduces a further 50% when wet ..

Can I get Sun Burnt on overcast and cloudy days?

YES... UV rays cause sunburn whether there is sunlight or not or whether it is hot or cold. Cool and cloudy days generally cause more sunburn due to the intensity of UV levels..

Glare from  the water or snow can also cause severe sunburn. Be aware and check UV levels before heading outdoors..

What is the best way to stay protected from UV radiation?

Wear loose hand warmer, T.shirt Long sleeve, Hat, Tunic , Dresses, Gloves , Pants , Sun –glasses * Apply SPF 50+ Sunscreen every 2-3 hours stay out of direct sun between 10am and 3 pm...


Q.Do BOC items really contain bamboo fibres?